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The first 100 active viewers who rated at least 25 participants will give a salute! (The gift will be available on the territory of the Russian Federation in the cities of presence of TM "Maxem").


On the day the festival starts, a task will be posted on the website. The essence of the task is to create a visualization of fireworks on a given topic within the framework of certain rules.

Participants will have 3 days to write the script and send it to the organizers.

The organizers will post the video in the voting section, assigning a serial number to each participant. Everyone can mark their favorite work.

The jury will select the three best entries.

Our partners: Pyronight Fireworks Festival - Mexico, Kaliningrad World Fireworks Championship, Silver Rook Fireworks Festival, Big Volga Fireworks Festival will select contestants for their festivals (if the participant has all the criteria suitable for these festivals )


Контакты организаторов

Пишите нам info@1ffo.ru
Звоните нам (tel, WatsUp, Viber) +7 967 6397537


Technical task

The main task is to make a visualization of the firework.

Visualization should consist of three parts:
Part 1: 20-30 seconds - without music;
Part 2: for a musical composition dounload hear - https://cloud.mail.ru/public/23Ge/36sohLtti
Part 3: 50 - 60 seconds for a musical composition of your choice.
The total duration should not exceed 2.5 minutes.
These can be three different parts that are not related to one single idea or theme.

Front - up to 400m.
The number of points is arbitrary (any)
The location of points in space relative to the horizon is up to 50 meters.
Used products: any up to 7 inches inclusive.
The angles used are any.
The budget of the show is 7,000 units.
7 inches  - 37 units
6 inches  - 20 units
5 inches  - 12 units
4 inches  - 7 units
3 inches  - 4 units
2.5 inches - 3 units
0.8 inch - 1 inch caliber charge: 1 unit
1.2 inch - 1.5 inch caliber charge: 2 units
Lines and cakes are counted by the number of charges of the corresponding caliber
Fountains and strobe lights: 2 units for 1 piece

A video file (link) up to 12 hours of World time 06/20/20 must be sent to info@1FFO.ru. When sending, you must specify: Your name, organization name, country, page address in facebook or inst
Wait for confirmation that your application has been accepted and will receive your unique number.