Voting completed:


So, we are ready to announce the results of our festival:

FIRST PLACE and first prize by almost unanimous decision of the jury - Vander Tenedero.

SECOND PLACE - S&F Fireworks Design, Mexico

THIRD PLACE - Pyrocorman, Mexico.

In the near future we will contact our winners for the presentation of Prizes!

12.00 Moscow time. 07/05/20 At this moment the voting is stopped. We count the votes of the viewers and knock out the results of the work of the jury.

Organizers 1FFO

06/27/2020 Dear participants and spectators of our competition!

We are forced to admit - we do not have time to look through all the works and choose the best on time. We need more time, a few days.

Therefore, we will announce the decision of the judges with the results of the referendum on July 5 at 12:00 UTC (15 hours Moscow time).

Excuse us for this delay, but this is a necessary measure for a better understanding of the results and the distribution of prizes.

Currently, more than 1300 ratings have left more than 2000 visitors The judges will continue their work, and the audience can still leave their marks.

Thank you for understanding.

20.06.2020   The voting has gone! Click on VIEW WORKS! Look, rate!      ¡La votación se ha ido! Haga clic en VER TRABAJOS! Mira, califica!

Dear participants, jury members and guests! At the moment, the acceptance of entries has been completed. Accepted more than 30 works. All of them are processed and posted on our website. I think it will take us 12–14 hours to do this technical work. Plus a margin of time for fixing errors. We think that the page with works for voting will be available from 12:00 Moscow time on 06/21/20.

Coronovirus blocked the fountain of clitnts and made life dull and gray? Have you already forgotten what sleepless nights are when preparing a project, the feeling of igniters on your fingers and the smell of  a mortar that just shot? Do you begin to forget how the word PEONE is written on the wrapper of the ball and the one hundred and eighth way of attaching the ignitor?

We will remind! Especially during this difficult time, we came up with and organize the FIRST ONLINE FIREWORKS FESTIVAL! (1FFO).

What does this mean? The launch pad will be a clearing at Organizers of the festival will determine its size. You will get UNLIMITED possibilities, you can use ANY products (well, almost limitless and almost any). Any number of points and mortars. You can use the most powerful software for creating fireworks - if you need it, of course. We will create virtual fireworks! The best will get a chance to continue at real festivals - “Silver Rook - 2020” and “World Fireworks Championship 2020” in Kaliningrad.

Our partners have prepared a lot of prizes! The Megapir and Pyrolyte companies secured cash prizes for the first places. FWsim company provides everyone with free use of the professional version for a period of 21 days, a 10% discount on purchases until June 25, and a license for the Professional version of the FWSIM program will also be drawn. Maxem company provides winners and participants with pyrotechnics in the amount of 3,000 US dollars. Fireworks festivals: "Pyronight" - Mexico, "World Fireworks Championship" - Kaliningrad, "Silver Rook" - Kostroma, "Big Volga" - Dubna - will conduct a set of teams for their festivals among our participants.

For various scripting programs (Final3d, FWsim, FireworkStudio) we organize separate nominations.

Separately, we will draw prizes among our active viewers.

Click on Participate, register as a participant of a 1FFO and - go!



    В 12.00 мирового времени (15.00 МСк)  - Окончание приема видеоматериалов от Участников. Начало голосования Зрителей и работы Уважаемого Жюри.
    Подведение итогов, Награждение Победителей. Время определим дополнительно.

до 15.06.20 We collect participants. Professionals and amateurs, beginners and those who shot their first fireworks at mammoths - welcome!
15.06.20 At 12.00 UTC (15.00 Moscow time) - the start of the festival! Announce the task of the festival. Information will be posted on the website in the spesial section in menu
20.06.20 At 12.00 UTC (15.00 Moscow time) - The end of the reception of video materials from the Participants. Beginning of the voting of the Spectators and the work of the Dear Jury.
27.06.20 - 05.07.20 Summing up, Awarding of Winners. We will determine the time additionally.

News and events

Today at 12 o'clock the deadline for acceptance of work

Today at 12 o'clock the deadline for acceptance of work

Address of the organizers of 1FFO

Greetings from the organizers.


festival jury

Osvaldo Avalos
Дмитрий Алипкин
Roni Santos
Александр Татаринчик
Xavier Galan Garcia
Eric Cardinal
Frank Galea
Александр Шепелев


Join in! We are waiting for you!

We are waiting for your voice!

Мистер Салют

Мистер Салют



On the day the festival starts, a task will be posted on the website. The essence of the task is to create a visualization of fireworks on a given topic within the framework of certain rules.

Participants will have 3 days to write the script and send it to the organizers.

The organizers will post the video in the voting section, assigning a serial number to each participant. Everyone can mark their favorite work.

The jury will select the three best entries.

Our partners: Pyronight Fireworks Festival - Mexico, Kaliningrad World Fireworks Championship, Silver Rook Fireworks Festival, Big Volga Fireworks Festival will select contestants for their festivals (if the participant has all the criteria suitable for these festivals )


Контакты организаторов

Пишите нам
Звоните нам (tel, WatsUp, Viber) +7 967 6397537


Technical task

The main task is to make a visualization of the firework.

Visualization should consist of three parts:
Part 1: 20-30 seconds - without music;
Part 2: for a musical composition dounload hear -
Part 3: 50 - 60 seconds for a musical composition of your choice.
The total duration should not exceed 2.5 minutes.
These can be three different parts that are not related to one single idea or theme.

Front - up to 400m.
The number of points is arbitrary (any)
The location of points in space relative to the horizon is up to 50 meters.
Used products: any up to 7 inches inclusive.
The angles used are any.
The budget of the show is 7,000 units.
7 inches  - 37 units
6 inches  - 20 units
5 inches  - 12 units
4 inches  - 7 units
3 inches  - 4 units
2.5 inches - 3 units
0.8 inch - 1 inch caliber charge: 1 unit
1.2 inch - 1.5 inch caliber charge: 2 units
Lines and cakes are counted by the number of charges of the corresponding caliber
Fountains and strobe lights: 2 units for 1 piece

A video file (link) up to 12 hours of World time 06/20/20 must be sent to When sending, you must specify: Your name, organization name, country, page address in facebook or inst
Wait for confirmation that your application has been accepted and will receive your unique number.